Get involved

We have a lot of work to do, and there are never enough helpers. That's why we would be happy if you joined in our effort to build a community. You can help us financially (click here for more information) or practically (offering us an internship or a project for a member of our community, spreading the word about Baraka among other people...).


•       If you are a TEACHER at Bilgym, please think about how you would like to become active in our community, whether you would be able to engage a young colleague in "co-teaching", a fitness club, community service, etc. Also think about whether you know someone who has always been interested in education and could find this unconventional project interesting.


•       If you are a STUDENT or an ALUMNUS of Bilgym, have a think and talk to other people about who would make a good candidate to participate in an experimental community-developement year. And also think about whether this could be you!


•       If you would like to be OTHERWISE FRIENDLY to us, please think about who else would be interested in this project, as a member, colleague or a donor. We are fundraising for both construction works and the general running of the community. Whenever you can think of someone, please get in touch with them.


Please share with us your ideas or willingness to join us either in person, or via email at or

"Start communities! Start one in your church. Start one in your school. Start one in your neighborhood. Don't worry for the moment about what to do beyond that. Don't worry about what peace group to join. Don't worry about whether to withhold taxes, blockade a missile plant, marich in a demonstration, or write a letter to your congressman. Don't worry much yet about feeding the ppor, housing the homeless, protecting the abused. It is not that such acts are wrong or even unnecessary. It is simply that they are not primary. They are not likely to succeed unless they are grounded one way or another, in community. Form a community first."

M. Scott Peck